The mission of VGS DEVELOPMENT is to continuously improve people’s standard of living, by accomplishing their plans and fulfilling their dreams about unique and high quality residential, work and business real estates.


The Company encompasses all those factors that guarantee excellent technical and economic results in every project, which is undertaken responsibly so that its clients’ needs can be fully met.

VGS DEVELOPMENT is the calm and consistent power in the construction, utilization, exploitation and disposal of real estates, with respect towards the environment and a genuine vision for a better world.

The Company’s operations include but are not limited to real estate, constructions, management and exploitation of quarries, as well as trading of ornamental stones.


VGS DEVELOPMENT offers high level integrated intermediary and consulting services in the real estate market, in Greece and abroad, aiming to meet investment, housing and business needs.

Driven by discretion, transparency, reliability and efficiency, VGS DEVELOPMENT indicates opportunities and acts as an intermediary for the conclusion of real estate contracts, such as purchase, sale, exchange, rental, leasing and contractual consideration.


VGS DEVELOPMENT operates in the fields of real estate construction, placing emphasis on residences, office buildings and shopping malls. Τhe projects undertaken by the Company are characterized by a creative architectural design, specialized expertise, high level construction quality, competitive cost, prompt implementation and sound project management.

Individuals, businessmen, professionals, companies and organizations trust VGS DEVELOPMENT, as it ensures impressive results in its construction projects, using a person- and environment-oriented approach.


The executives of VGS DEVELOPMENT have a long-standing experience in the management and exploitation of quarries. The Company places a special emphasis on the efficient and intensive utilization of the quarries it purchases or leases, promoting investments in modern machinery and cutting-edge technologies for stone mining, with respects towards the environment.  

VGS DEVELOPMENT possesses the right sales networks, handling the production of its quarries consistently and in particularly competitive prices in Greece but also around the world, as it is clearly export-oriented. 


With particular interest and many years’ experience, VGS DEVELOPMENT selects the best ornamental stones from around the world, which will highlight aesthetically not only large-scale projects, such as residence complexes, office buildings, shopping malls and mobility and transport infrastructure, but also any project that seeks original decorative and structural applications in interior and exterior spaces. 

Beautiful natural granites, famous Greek marbles, innovative industrial marbles and cultured marbles, as well as a wide variety of high quality quartz surfaces, are available for floor, road and square paving, wall coverings, staircases, fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms.


40 Agiou Konstantinou Street, 151 24 Maroussi
Athens, Greece
T: +30 210 6109989 / E:

40 Agiou Konstantinou Street, 151 24 Maroussi, Athens – Greece
Τ: +30 210 6109989 / E: